Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique that helps to improve circulation. Today, we use the amazing benefits of Gua Sha as a beauty tool to help sculpt, detoxify, and heal our skin.

By increasing blood flow and circulation, it helps to draw collagen to your skin to improve elasticity and youthfulness. And by draining lymphatic fluid from your face, Gua Sha helps to reduce puffiness and sculpt your face. Additionally, Gua Sha helps the products you use with it to penetrate even deeper into your skin.

I have been using the Gua Sha technique for about a year now as a part of my morning skincare routine, and I can see the difference without a doubt. My skin is more radiant, sculpted, and bouncy.

Other than the physical benefits of Gua Sha, its simply a time to stop, detoxify, and just spend some ‘you’ time in the morning.

To see my daily Gua Sha routine, watch the video below!

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