Are your pores enlarged? Do you notice small bumps along your hairline and jaw? Is your skin looking dull or tired? You might not be taking off your makeup properly.


Removing your makeup thoroughly and gently is crucial for keeping your skin clear and radiant. Build up from makeup can cause acne, enlarged pores, and dullness (no thank you!).



Double Cleansing:

After wearing makeup all day, especially if I have heavy face makeup on from work, I will wash my face twice! Sometimes I triple cleanse during fashion week. If you also experience small bumps around your nose, forehead, or cheeks especially after wearing a lot of makeup, double cleansing might help you get a more thorough cleanse and ensure no makeup is left behind if your pores.  



Be Gentle!  

The next thing you might want to note is to be gentle when cleansing. The skin on your face, neck, and especially around your eyes is very sensitive. Whether you use your hands, a towel, or a cleansing tool (like a Clarisonic), you want to use light pressure and circular motions.




When you sleep, wonderful things happen. Both your mind and your body regenerate. [. ] Your skin regenerates and rejuvenates while you sleep too! During this precious time, why would you have makeup blocking this process? Making sure your makeup is removed before bed is crucial to this process. No matter how late of a night it is, you will thank yourself in the morning!


Pro Tip: Sleeping with a silk pillowcase can protect your hair and skin’s natural moisture and [. ]



My Favorite Makeup Remover:

I’ve been using Pond’s Cold Cream as a makeup remover for years. I’m not sure if it’s even meant for removing makeup, but it works wonders and removes anything from glitter to waterproof mascara with ease.


As the first step in my skincare routine, I usually apply it as a normal moisturizer to my face and coat it on my lashes and brows with a thicker layer. I let it marinate for about a minute and then pat the cream off gently with a (clean!) warm damp facial towel.


Compared to other makeup removers and especially makeup wipes, Pond’s is so much gentler on your skin and removes makeup more effectively!

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